More on that progress thing…

I love TimeHop! It’s so fun to see what I was up to on this day however many years ago. It’s a fun way to watch my kids grow. Well, today there was a screenshot from my watch on my TimeHop:

Apple Watch screenshot showing 469 active calories, 11,424 steps and 4.77 miles

For a second or two, I couldn’t figure out why I would have taken this screenshot. What was significant about it? But then the entire day came flooding back to me. See, my family was in D.C. on this day. We’d spent the entire day walking to different monunments, museums, and landmarks. And I.was.tired. I took a screenshot because this was the most active calories I had ever burned in a day. To be fair, this was a bit early in the day and I actually went much further, but the point was, it was very significant to me when I saw it. So much so that I felt the need to screenshot it. So for comparrison, it is probably about the same point in the day right now and my family is NOT in Washington, D.C.. In fact, we’re doing nothing particularly special today. But, I’ve corrected the screenshot to match right now:

Apple Watch screenshot showing 1,106 active calories, 12,617 steps and 5.78 miles

Basically, 4 hears ago, 400+ calories was a very good day. And now? 1,150 calories is a minimum. I don’t want to leave the gym until I’ve burned 1000+ calories.

This is me on that very day, four years ago, and then me now, about 4 minutes ago:

before photo showing me very obviously heavy set and an after of me with a lot less extra weight

It’s really nice to see some non-scale victories!

Just. Stop.

It’s good to watch yourself workout. Look at your form, make sure you’ve got good posture, the right muscles are working. It’s perfectly fine to admire yourself in the gym mirrors. Go ahead, strut your stuff. You’ve earned the right. But, no. Do not walk all the way up close, scratch at a zit and pick at your teeth. That. That is NOT okay.


I’m not sure what had me looking at old data from my Apple Watch but I was. And let’s just say… WOW. When I first got the watch, I wasn’t interested in those silly circles. Not even a little. But, I WAS interested in my watch, so I wore it the entire day. So the activity should be accurate, right? So back in 2015, some days – most days – I didn’t even 300 active calories. I had my goal set anywhere from 200 to 350 and I did NOT consistently close my circles. And the exercise circle? Ha! I can count on ONE HAND the number of times I closed the exercise circle the in first six months I owned the watch.

When truly started this journey back to me (this time), my move goal was 240. That was January 1, 2017. It didn’t get to 400 even until mid-April. My goal now? 720. But my average last week was over 900. I think of 240 now, and I can BREATHE 240. I AM crazy active now, but WOW. Just… wow.

But… where did you GO?!

Pops has disappeared! I haven’t seen in in probably a month. I asked Michael, the trainer, if he’d seen him recently but he didn’t even know who I was talking about! How can you not know POPS?! I mean, I realize that’s not really his name, or what he’s called, but I totally described him and he’s a constant at the gym. And now it’s been long enough that people that should recognize him – that would have signed him in – they might not remember now. And even they have moved around a bit on times and there’s new people and WHERE IS POPS?! If/when he comes back, will it be weird if I give him my number and tell him he has to make sure I know whenever something happens to him or he’s going to be gone for an extended period of time because I worry! Is that weird?